Netflix: the next revolution (?)

Netflix finally arrived! After months of waiting, the online streaming service that has revolutionized the use of TV series and TV shows in the US came to the homes of many Europeans, demonstrating how the web is currently the preferred mean used in multimedia.

netflixWith currently over 57 million users in more than 50 countries, Netflix is ​​a subscription service, with a price that varies based on the quality of the stream and the number of users. With the goal of becoming a viable alternative to piracy, Netflix promises to expand its library with films and documetari, with more and more original and interesting titles.

Actually Netflix was founded in 1997 as a fruitful DVD rental service by mail, but it was in 2010 that the company discovered the key to its success: Netflix will become a customized service. Is the viewer who decides when and how to consume his contents and, thanks to a special algorithm created specifically for the platform, the offering is customized and depends on customer taste.

But what are the indicators that tell us whether or not worth paying a Netflix subscription? Are significant differences between the content available in different countries?

One of the major problems is that right now it is impossible to find a possible list of content that will be available in the future. Another downside, the differences between countries.

Using Flixsearch, it drew up a table that shows Italy and Portugal as the last in the ranking list of the number of contents available from Netflix.


Netflix contents

The situation is even more complicated by the issue of subtitles and the original language, which often prevent a fruition at 360 ° by the consumer.

However it is still early to judge, whereas in the last countries Netflix is ​​in action only for less than a month.

Wanting instead to make a more “nerd” research, we would find definitely many positive sides.

Netflix here makes a difference on everything: after arriving competitors have tried to align itself with several features that characterize it, but the overall level still has not arrived at the height reached by Netflix in this field.

Netflix streaming is very fast and very adaptive. Netflix is ​​able to start transmitting video already at a very low speed, then adjusting bit rate and resolution over time trying to take advantage to the last drop of kb / s that your connection offers.

We just have to wait to get a more complete picture.

Meanwhile blanket, sofa and a nice TV series.

Sara Corrieri