“It’s a great victory, a clear victory, and a victory of the people.” Defying opinion polls, Tsipras comfortably beat the conservative New Democracy, with a definitive 35,47% against the 28,1% of the center-right.

Already at the 6.12 pm yesterday, the exit polls in Greece announced the victory of Syriza. But it wasn’t a foregon conclusion. Above the greek premier weighed the disillusionment of many voters and the economic uncertainty.

As shown in these poll results ,listed in chronological order, from 15 to 17 of September (few days before the legislative election) New Democracy was two points ahead Syriza, and it has mantained a lead of 0,1% until the 18 of September.

Mr Tsipras was confirmed  this morning with the formal announcement of his coalition to be made by Wednesday. The new government will be faced with the daunting challenge of implementing the stringent reforms demanded by the €86bn bail-out package agreed to in July. The new Greek government will have only a matter of weeks to pass legislation cementing the 60 “prior action” laws needed to retain the confidence of creditors that was so badly damaged during July’s crisis negotiations.

Alexis Tsipras received a second chance by Greek voters, despite Greek pollsters had not predicted his win, calling it a close race for weeks, and maintaining that Mr. Tsipras’s early popularity was fading.

Will he manage to mantain the trust of his voters?

Sara Corrieri